Friday, October 26, 2007

Mr Buttle - The Ministry of Information would like to speak with you...

ah yes - here we go again... The head of the CDC went before congress where she was testifying in detail on the rather large impact global warming could and most likely would have on her specific realm of responsibility - but someone in the office of management and budget (WTF) revised her remarks by striking 6 pages of her written material. Happily - she was physically present - and simply went off the prepared remarks to make the case - later remarking "I don't let people put words in my mouth and I stand for science."

From the AP: The deleted sections of the draft, covering more than half of the original text, included a list of specific impacts on which ``climate change is likely to have a significant impact on health.'' The list included the effect of more frequent hot spells on vulnerable populations, the impact of extreme weather, more air pollution in drought areas, and greater likelihood of vector-borne and waterborne diseases as well as mental health problems.

Contrast this with the BBC story on the GEO-4 report - something that made virtually no signal in the US press cycle. Then again, with a conclusion like

Geo-4 shows us that if 20 post-Brundtland years have upped the rhetoric, they have done little to change the reality; despite a plethora of good intentions, global society is less sustainable than ever. Without major changes in direction, we had better hope that the people who believe that human ingenuity, technology and economic growth will always solve our future problems turn out to be right.
i dont know if i can blame them from not wanting to talk about it.

Now you might think this sort of 'we need to obscure the truth if its something people wont like' thing might be primarily pointed to protecting big business interests. But this is the Bush administration... Petroleum isnt the only thing George and Dick are tied to... these guys have got quite an erection for torture too. I tell you what - if agents of this government came to me and said 'you will admit to being a terrist or we will see your children tortured' - of course i'd sign whatever they want. Wouldnt make it true... but then there werent witches in Salem either. Dick 'Torquemada' Cheney is leaving his dirty shit-covered cloven-hoof footprints all over the constitution - and i'm getting pretty sick of it.

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