Monday, October 26, 2009

mondays are for posts

like this

but what do you expect - we're a nation of idiots

Thursday, October 15, 2009

not a headline i'd ever expect to see

but what an amazing story


There are a couple ways to look at this story.

First there's the tragic... a bunch of unaware french soldiers got killed for no reason here. I mean - we knew Berlusconi and the Italians were into paying people off for preferred outcomes - look at AC Milan. But getting people killed?

Still - i find it interesting. Iraq was a nightmare until we started paying insurgents a couple hundred bucks a month... Afghanistan is apparently a powderkeg unless you drop a couple thousand dollars... I wonder... cant we just give bin laden a rolex and tell him to piss off? Sure there's a line... apparently we draw it at $2m (ask Letterman)... and sure it's morally reprehensible - but so is the only realistic way of solving the problem (aka genocide).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rolling Stone?

So in a day where Fox is merely an outlet for Randian Nutjobbery - why not have a music magazine tossing around projected government costs and breaking out detailed advantages of government run healthcare?
Taibbi has had interesting things to say before, but this one is just so simple. The more I look at the abomination that is the Baucus bill the more i hope the damned thing fails - so we can go back to the drawing board and maybe approach a real solution instead. Then again - these are facts... and we all know how Americans deal with those...

Saturday, October 10, 2009



"Archimedes wrote his manuscript on a papyrus scroll 2,200 years ago. At an unknown later time, someone copied the text from papyrus to animal-skin parchment. Then, 700 years ago, a monk needed parchment for a new prayer book. He pulled the copy of Archimedes' book off the shelf, cut the pages in half, rotated them 90 degrees, and scraped the surface to remove the ink, creating a palimpsest—fresh writing material made by clearing away older text."

So typical... erase the beginnings of calculus so you can spew about zombie jeebus. there are days the religious make me sick to my stomach.

Friday, October 09, 2009

at 6:36 this morning

i watched nasa crash 2 spaceships into the moon

unfortunately - the images sent back didnt reveal the vast sub-lunar kingdom of insect-people. I was disappointed.

Oh yeah... and Obama won the nobel peace prize.

So i guess between that and nasa proving the moon isnt made of cheese the Anallubicans will be exploding this morning.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

every time i think...

that politicians are just an absolute waste of time

There are 2 salient points... does a binding arbitrator saying 'here's a dollar, you must now keep silent' count towards the cited statistics of employee success? -- and why the hell isnt a crime as egregious as this an exception to their arbitration rule. I understand the idea that we dont want to clog the courts with a legion of small claim settlement cases - that is certainly in everyone's best interest - but how the hell can a case like the one we're looking at in Franken's example here end up behind closed doors? Of course it's KBR... what do you expect.


good to see we're learning creatures

this whole situation is bad enough without people making it worse... but no... idiots
Obama had the chance to lead on this... to push through some real change to 'business as usual' rather than offer platitudes as to how things were different. Yeah. That's pretty much the only change he managed... and it's worth about 2 cents.

Our president is either woefully stupid or complicit.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Just be glad

because when i give you a happy monday story i'm at least giving you a unicorn chaser to follow it up

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Olympics

So Chicago lost out - and we're supposed to be upset...
instead - i'm rather happy about it. What the hell does America have that it should be so proud as to want to show it off to the world? London is going to blow 15 billion dollars on the 2012 games - so instead how about we spend the 15b on something like, oh i dont know, the education system so we can get more than 0/1000 hs graduates able to get 7/10 questions right on the US Citizenship test?

Priorities people...

At least China had something worth showing off. What do we have... Teabaggers? A stellar justice system? Maybe it's the way we lead the world to a panacea of capitalist bliss?