Friday, September 29, 2006

Republican Values from Rep Foley (R-Fla)
Here is an excerpt from an IM chat between Foley and an underage male (Foley is Maf54)

Maf54 (8:03:02 PM): ha thats wild
Xxxxxxxxx (8:03:14 PM): ya but now im hard
Maf54 (8:03:32 PM): me 2
Maf54 (8:03:42 PM): cast got you going
Maf54 (8:03:47 PM): what you wearing
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:04 PM): normal clothes
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:09 PM): tshirt and shorts
Maf54 (8:04:17 PM): um so a big buldge
Xxxxxxxxx (8:04:35 PM): ya
Maf54 (8:04:45 PM): um
Maf54 (8:04:58 PM): love to slip them off of you
Xxxxxxxxx (8:05:08 PM): haha
Maf54 (8:05:53 PM): and gram the one eyed snake
Maf54 (8:06:13 PM): grab
Xxxxxxxxx (8:06:53 PM): not tonight...dont get to excited
Maf54 (8:07:12 PM): well your hard
Xxxxxxxxx (8:07:45 PM): that is true
Maf54 (8:08:03 PM): and a little horny
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:11 PM): and also tru
Maf54 (8:08:31 PM): get a ruler and measure it for me
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:38 PM): ive already told you that
Maf54 (8:08:47 PM): tell me again
Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:49 PM): 7 and 1/2
Maf54 (8:09:04 PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Maf54 (8:09:08 PM): beautiful
Xxxxxxxxx (8:09:38 PM): lol
Maf54 (8:09:44 PM): thats a great size
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:00 PM): thank you
Maf54 (8:10:22 PM): still stiff
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:28 PM): ya
Maf54 (8:10:40 PM): take it out
Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:54 PM): mom is yelling

I'm surprised he doesn't intend to continue his political career... afterall if George Bush raped a dead 14 yr old girl there's at least 30% of the current electorate that would still vote for the son of a bitch. My country is full of assholes.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The senate just passed a bill that retroactively pardons everyone in the US govt for any activity associated with violations of the Geneva Conventions, and allows the president to define torture.

This country just jumped the shark.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a picture is worth a thousand words... most of them not ready for prime time

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fucking A... I couldn't have said it better if I'd spent a month writing it...

Monday, September 11, 2006

I was in the clubroom at Le Centre Sheraton with Jon...
Peter (one of the waitstaff... i lived in that hotel, i knew everyone by name) came over and opened up the cabinet that hides one of the TVs - saying something terrible was happening in NY...
We saw the second plane strike...
I was on the phone to my wife within seconds - giving her the news
then I was on the phone to coworkers since I had people flying to NY that morning and I wanted them off anything that flew... and had others from texas scheduled to come up the following day - and needed to make sure that wasnt going to happen either.
my wife spent the day crying - and i checked in on her repeatedly. Manhattan was always 'her' city and i knew this would hurt her deeply
We didnt make it into the office until afternoon.
Jon and I were livid. We probably looked as dangerous as we felt.
The canadians saw us coming - and i swear they were diving into offices to get out of our way.
I remember Robin, the HR director, peeking into my office and saying how sorry she was - and how sorry everyone in the office was... and then Mark coming by to suggest we just bomb everything - you dont expect that from the leftist harvard boys.

It doesnt seem like 5 years

I dont think a commemorative coin will ever do it justice.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

10 hours at a tailgate...

Anonymous 30 something beer-bellied balding ex-frat guy: "Honey, later tonight I'm gonna treat you the way Texas is gonna treat Ohio State... rough"
Anonymous 30 something plasticized blonde: "Grrr"
Sean (as an aside): So if OSU wins 63-3, I wonder if that means he'll be rolling over on his back and letting her fuck the shit out of him.
Jake: No, but there'll definitely be a strap on involved.

One 24-7 score later i'm thinking mr fratboy's anus is sore this morning. Grrr...