Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It continues

Terrorists: 2
Boston: 0

we are a nation of pussies...

Ok - i post a lot of video links... but my history degree forces my hand on this one. There are just days when people hit it exactly right...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

See... it's funny because it could be true. Ok - maybe the idea is a little more surreal than some of the other crazy media frenzy stories of the last several weeks - but it's still bad. You know what this feels like? It feels like the time when the media was totally wrapped up in Gary Condit - right before 9/11... and suddenly everyone realized that all these crazy 'dumb biatch shaved her head' stories were pretty silly when you got right down to it.

The money quote?

Mr. Klein added that for the foreseeable future, “at least 29 of the 30 video monitors on Wolf Blitzer’s ‘The Situation Room’ will feature Anna Nicole Smith, and the other will have that crazy astronaut chick.”

Monday, February 19, 2007

I had a brunch date with a very nice girl yesterday... and I find myself interested...
Whether anything comes of it - I dont know...
But she's very cool - in a 'damn it... i might be in trouble again' sort of way

I seem to enjoy trouble though

So we'll see what happens

Otherwise - work is a bear... lots going on... we hit our launch date and successfully integrated with our big partner - so things are going well there... the team is burning hard - but they're hanging in there... a lot of positive direction there - just getting tired.

Still, when the girl somehow asserts herself as the highpoint of being up here, that's a general indication of being in trouble.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So I watched the Superbowl ads on Youtube (we dont get the US ad feeds up here... instead we're barraged with the same damned Rogers Wireless ad over and over... occasionally interspersed with some annoying ad for Fish Sauce - no i'm not kidding - i think i saw the same fish sauce ad 15 times - and i still dont remember the name of the company)

Anyway - some good ones. I thought the snickers ad that has people unhappy was funny... though i do think it, like others, could have been funnier. In fact - a lot of 'potential' was missed this year. The blockbuster mouse ad could've had a 'follow up' crack about optical mice and 'lasers'... The FedEx 'Not what it seems' FedEx Ground ad - with people acting like their names... they really blew that one... They needed a guy named 'Dick'... and he needed to be wearing a 'box' in front of his fly... that SOOO would've pissed some people off...

The winner in my book? Robert Goulet as the Boogeyman vs Emerald Nuts. Brilliant.

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Job

There aren't many days when my job is fun.
Somedays I'm a carebear... i keep the team happy, try to keep them motivated, take them out to play pool - buy them drinks - have fun. Me? Bah. I'm just fine reading a book or doing things that are with non-work friends.
Somedays I'm DPS... i have to manage the fight, line it up, make sure the Skull is on the right mob, that people arent trying for too big a pull just because they think they're better than they are...
Somedays - like today - I'm the tank. I make sure the firebreathing boss is aimed the other way so everyone else can get their crap done. I try to get my sunders in before anyone pulls aggro - and i try to pull him back onto me when he gets angry about something else...
It's sorta fun today...
but at some point doing this 40 man raid content with 15 has gotta stop...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yes... i'm still harping on it... The Boston LED Party

It begs an important question...

how many Bostonians does it take to blow up a lightbulb?

Someone needs to edit the Wikipedia article on the Boston Teaparty to point out that Sam Adams was a terrorist mastermind and an inspiration to Al Quaeda operatives everywhere.

This picture of Boston's officials at the press conf on the subject just says so very very much about it all... and now they continue to insist on using the term 'hoax' and describing these things as 'infernal devices' in an effort to make the case someone intended people to believe these were explosive.

Idiots. Complete and absolute idiots. Not as big an idiot as some... but god damn.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ok. The Mooninites controversy.

Comedy Central ran a guerilla marketing campaign featuring a number of light brites featuring an LED display version of their cartoon characters and placed them all over a number of cities.

Our nation reacts as one might expect - from a nation of complete and total pussies. WTF happened to my country. We see a god damned lightbrite and we run for our lives? God damn it!!! These pathetic sacks of shit make me sick. Someone needs to send Henry Rollins to Boston to kick all their sorry asses.