Saturday, November 28, 2009


You know - a lot might be wrong with the world - but i for one am thankful that a year after a fairly resounding 'hell no' by the electorate we've got so much of the change we were looking for. right?

Hey Lloyd - your party sucks. Drop the DEM label and maybe I'll vote for you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I Voted For

I'm not sure...
but i'm thinking this isnt it.
I wonder if they give out Nobel Peace Prizes for this.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I love when the grandstand at the funeral.

"I'm still not giving up. I want every Senator who's not in the pocket of the private insurers or Big Pharma to introduce and vote for a "Ted Kennedy Medicare for All" amendment to whatever bill Reid takes to the floor. And if this fails, a "Ted Kennedy Real Public Option for All" amendment. Let every Senate Democratic who doesn't have the guts to vote for either of them be known and counted."

Really. Health care reform is dead. It was dead the moment the insurance companies opened up their wallets. Why? Because the democrats we voted for have decided it's their turn at the corporate trough. The house bill was a worst case... the senate bill was an even more anemic version of the house bill... I hope this thing fails - and the happy rebel-flag-waving nutjobs can dance in their compounds. In the mean time we can all be distracted by this smokebomb healthcare legislation so the real underlying problems we are facing as a nation are willfully ignored.

Happy monday.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Only in Europe

This sort of thing would never happen in America.

For those of you that think college and professional sports aren't influenced by leagues pressuring refs or money pressuring players - i have some WWE matches for you to get wound up about.

I have some experience with some people close to this situation... I'm telling you the corruption is far far far far far beyond what you think it could possibly be.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There are times on the internet that someone tells you 'dont click on this link'. Usually they mean it - and people do something dumb, like clicking on the link anyway. It's like saying 'standing in fire is bad' - so they go stand in the fire. There's really no way around it - people are inherently distrustful and curious. 'Sure - he say's standing in fire is bad - but how bad can it be really...'

I read about a youtube video of a man in Lithuania who threw a puppy off a bridge.

Do NOT click that link.

I'm not kidding.

Everyone involved in that situation should be beaten to death with a lead pipe... resuscitated at the hospital... then beaten to death a second time.

Sad when "the internet hate machine" is so much more effective at dealing with these than our traditional religions... maybe more /b/ is a better solution than colby.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama in China

Obama goes to China - and delivers a townhall. I find it terribly funny that he's out there preaching about how free and wonderful the internet is, when he's busy negotiating secret WIPO treaties that are the antithesis of his spew. Then again - i suppose that's how government works... if you're an evil blood-crazed warmonger you join a thinktank with Peace in the name. It's one thing to have the freedom to tell the president he's a jackass... it's another for him to care and do something about being a jackass. If he's going to be a jackass anyway - if all the bitching people do amounts to something that he just sits back and laughs about - then how much more valuable is that freedom than knowing Demi Moore is on the toilet.

Happy monday.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Airport Security Upgrade

These british made bomb detectors work so well they should replace metal detectors and xrays in all american airports.... but no... obviously the pro-xray lobby and anti-british lobby must have it out for these guys.

"Proponents of the wand often argue that errors stem from the human operator, who they say must be rested, with a steady pulse and body temperature, before using the device.

Then the operator must walk in place a few moments to “charge” the device, since it has no battery or other power source, and walk with the wand at right angles to the body. If there are explosives or drugs to the operator’s left, the wand is supposed to swivel to the operator’s left and point at them.

If, as often happens, no explosives or weapons are found, the police may blame a false positive on other things found in the car, like perfume, air fresheners or gold fillings in the driver’s teeth."
See - we just have to make sure passengers arent wearing perfume... or have gold fillings.

(if you want to know how the executives at this company sleep at night, my guess is 'very very well')

One Year Later

It's been a year... a year since the election of our first black president... a progressive, dedicated to change - changing the way government worked - making america great again.

What do we have.
Gitmo is still doing business as usual.
AT&T is shielded from lawsuits.
All those pictures taken by the military during the Bush administration are shielded from FOIA requests by law.
The new healthcare bill has provisions in it restricting access to abortion and paying government money for prayer treatments.
The administration has cut deals with big pharma promising not to use the leverage of the govt to cut costs on prescription medication.
They didnt even push for a public option in the health care legislation - and the one that's there is a shell - and even then the thing seems unlikely to pass.
Billions and billions have been thrown to the rich - funneled through failed corporate behemoths in such a way that the american taxpayer gets absolutely nothing in return - all the while NONE of the fundamental causes of the economic collapse have even begun to be addressed.
We're still in Iraq.
We've added more troops to Afghanistan - and we're supporting a president there who rigged his election so badly that it makes the shenanigans from Florida 2000 look like pop warner. (or as the esteemed Mr Cole put it recently - "Hamid Karzai has been declared the winner of the Afghanistan presidential contest by the misnamed Independent Electoral Commission, the local Afghan commission appointed by . . . Hamid Karzai.")
And now the president is negotiating a treaty - in secret - where the details of said treaty are only leaking out - whereby children who copy music from their dvds to their ipods may face criminal prosecution and prison time.

The president is a jackass. If we're going to have an asshole as president it might as well be a republican.

Those of you who defend him because 'he's one of us' - screw you.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

oh yeah

a reminder

our president is an assclown

i hope to god the republicans take a shit all over this son of a bitch and gridlock the government all to hell...


ok - so anyone that's listened to me weigh in on this whole collapse thing over the past year has seen me go off on these sorts of alarm bells before... but i was reading this last week and now this this week and the combination just doesn't feel like we have very good chances. This dead cat bounce economy, rising oil prices, a rising unemployment rate, and governmental impotence in the face of catastrophic forces seems to be leading us all to a very bad place.

Ah well, at least i have chicken.

Maybe if we pray for the economy it'll get better.