Monday, November 23, 2009


I love when the grandstand at the funeral.

"I'm still not giving up. I want every Senator who's not in the pocket of the private insurers or Big Pharma to introduce and vote for a "Ted Kennedy Medicare for All" amendment to whatever bill Reid takes to the floor. And if this fails, a "Ted Kennedy Real Public Option for All" amendment. Let every Senate Democratic who doesn't have the guts to vote for either of them be known and counted."

Really. Health care reform is dead. It was dead the moment the insurance companies opened up their wallets. Why? Because the democrats we voted for have decided it's their turn at the corporate trough. The house bill was a worst case... the senate bill was an even more anemic version of the house bill... I hope this thing fails - and the happy rebel-flag-waving nutjobs can dance in their compounds. In the mean time we can all be distracted by this smokebomb healthcare legislation so the real underlying problems we are facing as a nation are willfully ignored.

Happy monday.

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