Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

In america's ongoing 'War on Faith' - i'd like to point out that a mere 1.7% of america identifies itself as jewish... and with 0.7% as Buddhist. I wonder how the Buddhist Defense League feels about that one. Oh Huck... where for art thou when your poor struggling xtian brothers need you most.

3:45 pm...
February 25th...
92 degrees in the shade...


Sunday, February 24, 2008

During the txdemocrat post debate party that i left streaming from CNN thursday evening, there were a number of speakers spewing hither and yon on the subject of 'this is the most important election of your lifetime'. Made me think of....

Finally, one guy got up and told the truth - 'the most important election of our lifetime was in 2000 - only we didnt know it'. This one is just the start of a looooong process of cleaning up the mess - no matter who gets elected.

Of course... here at the DEATH party... we're glad to see Nader announcing (though that would have been a much better development with a Republican Huckabee ticket) - here's to you, Mr. my bullshit in 2000 is the reason we're all in this mess to begin with you stupid son of a bitch. Sure, why not, run again....

Friday, February 22, 2008

I want to start a 527....

I want some rich dems to give me money so i can make an ad for the fall - because Obama will never do it...

Sen John McCain from the Washington Monthly....

McCain was still married and living with his wife in 1979 while, according to The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, "aggressively courting a 25-year-old woman who was as beautiful as she was rich." McCain divorced his wife, who had raised their three children while he was imprisoned in Vietnam, then launched his political career with his new wife's family money.

I'd wanna use that 'its morning in america' voice from the reagan ads... use a lot of 70's super-8 footage of kids playing and apocalypse now napalm runs... make the 'power and money are more important than anything else' angle

and end with that famous video of bush kissing mccain on the forehead

fade to black...
(big bold white Impact) AMERICA
(then subtext...)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

so John McCain is accused of infidelity...
or of spending too much time talking to a young lobbyist and doing 'inappropriate things'
yeah - whatever... it's not like you pubs shouldnt have known he was a dick.

Telecom lobbyist Vicki Iseman. I wonder... did she screw Jim Webb to get him to vote for the FISA bill too?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so early voting has started - and it seems most everyone i know is fairly sure to vote - but one thing you may not realize is that delegates in texas are a real freaking mess.

The Atlantic has a backgrounder on the process - and it's not much different from the situation i was hearing about 4 years ago when i was working on the Clark campaign.

So here's how it works... IF you early vote - get your damned voter card stamped 'democrat'... then you can return to the precinct at 7pm and caucus with the other democrats.... now - that doesnt mean you have to GO to convention - but you should be there to help someone from the campaign - most likely the precinct chair for the campaign - to go forward. Now - this is a democratic process... and if you really want to go to the actual convention... this is how you get to go (though you have to make it through several steps, and the 'machine' will tend to advance machine people (thus clinton may be able to send a disproportionate number of these candidates if Obama doesn't get these young excited but otherwise clueless to their precinct locations by 7pm)).

and DONT BE LATE... the dirty tricks people will close the doors as soon as they think they have a numbers edge... clinton pulled that crap in nevada - dont think they wont be out in force to do it here too.

The texas democratic party is a real freakin mess - but this is how it works. If people want to change it - then, well, get involved - go to state convention - and change the damned rules for next time.


you know... we've had 8 years where the 'rule of law' was subverted to the desires of political cronyism. 8 years, culminating in jakes 'rule of man' diatribe to the senators over their FISA voting... so here we are, with the Clinton campaign, making an effort to change the rules ex-post facto so they can get what they want. How, exactly, does that not speak to Obama's rant against 'more of the same' - and how exactly is that any different from W? Would we expect signing statements from president clinton too? no... if she hadnt lost me before she'd be losing me all over again for this one.

In the mean time I've some of her campaign ads now (we NEVER get to see campaign ads in tx) - and the whole 'i try to do something nice for someone every day' ad has to be one of the most absurd, idiotic, and unpresidential messages i've ever seen. what kind of morons did the hire to package this candidate.

I will not be voting for Hillary in the fall - one way or another.

then again... i'd vote for Huck if he'd just stop LOSING...

Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm going back to this DoJ waterboarding is 'ok' if there are safeguards (aka a doctor nearby) then it's all good. So - by that logic - what, thumb screws... the rack... glass rods inserted into the penis then broken... all of that's ok if there's a paramedic in the room.

i mean... WTF

How did we get here. My mother echoes my sentiment... her affluent and comfortable octogenarian friends make the same noises... 'when did America become the bad guys?' they ask... 'i've never been so ashamed of my country' they say in a whisper... this is not the disaffected intelligentsia - this is the church going god fearing bourgeoisie... even their old die-hard republican friends are easily embarrassed by my mother throwing something like a supreme court justice saying 'it's not against the 'cruel and unusual punishment' clause if it's not 'punishment' - ie they have to be convicted of a crime...' yes - Anton 'Tomas de Torquemada' Scalia is loving this - and i wonder - why the hell do we hear something like Mukasey say 'waterboarding might be torture if you did it to me, but i dont know if its torture if you did it to someone else' and we not laugh and applaud and throw rotten vegetables. Surely it must be comedy of the lowest sort... surely they cant say things like that after putting that little flag lapel pin on in the morning and be serious... or do they desecrate their flags the way satanic nuns desecrated the crucifix - washed in the blood of innocents...

i used to ask, as per fat mike, how do they sleep at night... now i wonder - how do WE sleep at night.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So, according to DoJ, current waterboarding isnt like spanish inquisition waterboarding because we have safeguards in place.
You know... during the Philippine Insurrection - the US used to pour water down the throats of captured insurgents - then have these 6' Nebraska farmboy marines jump on their stomachs to see how high they could make the water squirt. So i wonder... would that be ok today if there were a paramedic close by?

This sort of twisted logic in defense of the indefensible is wrong. There is no justification for what we've done to these people. By crossing that line and delving into the business of torture we'd already lost moral standing - but to then twist around to somehow justify your actions when they come to light... you're kidding if you think anyone is buying. These are warcrimes... they may not be US crimes according to DoJ - but they are warcrimes and if the world court doesnt reach out and DO something about it then that, too, is tacit approval.

This administration finds new ways to make me sick to my stomach every day. They are villains in every sense of the word - and the day any of them shuffle off this mortal coil is a day i'll raise a glass to the maggots devouring their fetid corpse.

oh - and happy valentines day

just in time for valentines day
Note: i am not responsible for the dirty looks you get if you buy something like this for your SO...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i'm sitting on 87% reporting...
but as of right now...

if everyone in virginia that voted for mccain had instead voted for clinton...
obama would have won anyway

that's gotta be worth noting

i'm done.
It's your problem now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

relative to that last post...
From a BBC story discussing and explaining the idea of superdelegates to the brits:

Barack Obama said on Friday that they should reflect the latter.

"My strong belief is that if we end up with the most states and the most pledged delegates from the most voters in the country, that it would be problematic for the political insiders to overturn the judgement of the voters," he said.

Mrs Clinton took a different line.

"Super-delegates are by design supposed to exercise independent judgement," she said.

"But of course, if Senator Obama and his campaign continue to push this position, which is really contrary to what the definition of a super-delegate has historically been, I will look forward to receiving the support of Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry."
There you have it. She's a bitch.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

i want to break down something i think is worth looking at...

for the sake of argument - lets say the 2 democratic candidates go into the convention lacking the votes to secure the nomination without the support of superdelegates. Let's look at how that plays out.
Lets say Clinton successfully has Michigan and Florida seated - where the party made it very clear that those states would NOT be seated and that candidates were NOT supposed to campaign there.
Ok - lets try again - say more delegates were awarded - through the voting process - to Obama than Clinton, but through dealmaking with 'superdelegates' Clinton secures the nomination.

I think it's safe to say that supporters of Obama will be upset.

Now the question is... who are the people voting for Obama - and who are the people voting for Clinton. Clinton's voters are older, union, and machine dems - except for the largish hispanic bloc. Obama's voters are younger, educated, and independent.

When the Obama supporters feel the nomination was stolen from them... how do you think they'll react. These are not people who want to be lead by the nose into the same old political story... convincing Obama supporters to tow the line for Clinton will be a lot like convincing Dean and Clark supporters to tow the line for Kerry - only a LOT harder and 4 years ago it didn't happen.

What it comes down to is this: if she wins more delegates in the election process itself - not counting michigan and florida - then she's fine. Otherwise - she will crucify the party. If I were a republican - i'd be rooting for Obama to win just enough to force Clinton to steal it. The fact is that there are a LOT of people who just wont vote for her - every day those numbers go up - and every Obama win will make the disappointment and disillusionment of a Clinton candidacy that much greater to the millions of energized 'change' voters. The apathy on the democratic side would be remarkable given 8 years of W. All McCain will have to do is put Huck or Bloomberg on the ticket...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Here ya go Simon - this one's fer you...

The Archbishop of Canterbury says the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable".
Dr Rowan Williams told Radio 4's World at One that the UK has to "face up to the fact" that some of its citizens do not relate to the British legal system.
Dr Williams argues that adopting parts of Islamic Sharia law would help maintain social cohesion.
For example, Muslims could choose to have marital disputes or financial matters dealt with in a Sharia court.
I for one welcome our new pastafarian overlords

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So, as i am want to do, i was exploring hypertext in a haphazard wandering sort of way - whiling away the hours reading books in google book preview (i hate the missing 2 page crap - i mean seriously - its not like i'm going to BUY this stuff... almost makes me yearn for a library...)
so i'm wandering and saw someone use 'shrift' in a way that was innovative to me (in that it wasnt being used idiomatically but metaphorically) - so i looked it up so see the origins - and found it derived from the ancient 'scrift' as 'something written'... now - when one looks up scrift... one gets something somewhat different - and only from urban dictionary...

To act as a dog with worms does, rubbing one's anus across a surface, in order to achieve relief. Traditionally a rough floor was used but facilities are being expanded to include anywhere available, including snow and drunkard's faces.
I wonder how medieval priests would feel...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Which begs the question... if - as a result of possible events today - Ann Coulter wants to vote for Clinton over McCain... and as a result of FISA and the machine/lobbyist candidate becoming the democratic nominee i find myself voting for the Republican... does that mean we're in the end times?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Last night...

I paid money to see an old white man complain vociferously about the state of child rearing practices in America today. No... it wasnt a republican fundraiser... because the next thing he did was to drop his pants so a midget could bury his face in his ass. Mardi Gras in New Orleans perchance? No...

See... there's a girl (all good stories start with a girl)... and i really enjoy her company... and in a lot of ways she's kryptonite to me... but she's been sad and stressed out and not doing very well - and that makes her more likely to make bad decisions and be less like the person i like spending time with... so, generally, she needed something to make her happy - something over the top.

But - alas - the girl in question somewhere along the line - she got the bug to watch WWE Wrestling. So, when i found out that wrestling was coming to town, I gave her the option... i'd buy her a ticket so she could sit ringside, or i could buy 2 tickets and she'd have to go with me. I assumed she'd go with the ringside seat... but i was wrong. So I gave her the 2 tickets - and left it up to her with regards to her companion (if she'd taken someone else that would have been fine) - but no - i dont think there was ever any question...

Thus - I found myself watching Vince McMahon in a speedo - from about 30 feet away right at eyelevel - pants dropped... spray-tanned ass extended... as Hornswoggle the mute midget was told, repeatedly, to kiss his ass. In olden days, we'd have been throwing rotting vegetables... otherwise the entertainment is the same.

Now - over the years i've tried to take her to Shakespeare at Winedale (speaking of throwing vegetables)... to the Nutcracker... to plays at the Paramount (La Mancha came to town last night)... but there'd been some obstacle or somesuch every time... so the first time i've taken her out to something cultural (other than the occasional film) is WWE. This is... shall we say... new for me.

I wore a ganesh shirt with a big American Flag shirt as an overshirt... a goober truck-stop New Orleans hat... and tried to fit in with the crowd by being rude and loud (mission accomplished). I believe we were on television.

As fer the rasslin - meh... long gone are the days of the great kabuki and his infamous 'asian mist'... it was fun - but i dont think rasslin will ever be my entertainment of choice. That it would have sucked without the company is a given - and that it didnt suck - pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The truth is - she had a great time and was really happy... and making her happy was really all that mattered.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baked Mel a carrot cake for her birthday... and since it was 1-31 i decorated it as a mooninite 1-31-81 NEVER FORGET cake... This amused me to no end, but it was waaaaay too much work. I think I need bigger plastic bowls for things like this - or the folding of the batter into the stiff egg white mixture tends to make things a bit more dense than they should be.

The cake was a success... the afterparty was, well, lets call it the other thing. On the list of things to do - being an object of ridicule to a drunk 24 yr old fat ugly asshole Frank T.J. Mackey impersonator who thinks date rape is cool and tells his wife he's allowed to sleep around because, hey, he makes the money so he can do whatever he wants... - yeah - it isnt highly placed. I swear there was almost blood...

Friday, February 01, 2008

So here's a question for you...


Where do you buy your gas?