Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So, as i am want to do, i was exploring hypertext in a haphazard wandering sort of way - whiling away the hours reading books in google book preview (i hate the missing 2 page crap - i mean seriously - its not like i'm going to BUY this stuff... almost makes me yearn for a library...)
so i'm wandering and saw someone use 'shrift' in a way that was innovative to me (in that it wasnt being used idiomatically but metaphorically) - so i looked it up so see the origins - and found it derived from the ancient 'scrift' as 'something written'... now - when one looks up scrift... one gets something somewhat different - and only from urban dictionary...

To act as a dog with worms does, rubbing one's anus across a surface, in order to achieve relief. Traditionally a rough floor was used but facilities are being expanded to include anywhere available, including snow and drunkard's faces.
I wonder how medieval priests would feel...

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