Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Which begs the question... if - as a result of possible events today - Ann Coulter wants to vote for Clinton over McCain... and as a result of FISA and the machine/lobbyist candidate becoming the democratic nominee i find myself voting for the Republican... does that mean we're in the end times?


GreatGoblin said...

oh... and after seeing this on TPM last night after the returns... all i have to say is Hillary can blow me (oh wait - that's Monica's job)

fearlessvk said...

the democrats are such fucking idiots. such fucking idiots. only total fucking idiots could manage to turn the fact that hillary brings NOBODY NEW into the democratic party into a bonus for hillary. are you kidding me? do democrats love losing that much?

it's possible that i've lost my mind, but i actually kinda like obama.