Thursday, July 30, 2009

Politics In America

When they start throwing bombs into each others cars - i think it might be time to consider the american political discourse at an impasse. Seriously - she's one of a handful of political aspirants in america that i'd even trust to do what she says - how sad is that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A question...

So we have this...
and we have this...

does anyone else see a problem here?

i mean dont get me wrong - pedobear is no friend of mine - but shouldn't we sort this one out a bit?


Ok - so you're a company that sells turnkey hosting and commerce solutions for tens of thousands of online commercial vendors... your first priority is 'keep your servers secure' right?
I mean... if someone managed to hack into them - you'd notice within hours - or even if you werent really paying attention within days right?

Apparently not.

Watch your statements... this could get ugly.

Monday, July 27, 2009


did i mention it was monday?

I swear... there are days...

AT&T Pulls a Boner

AT&T decided to block access to 4chan yesterday because of the content.

Now - I'm not gonna defend some of the content over there - it's well beyond vile... but legally AT&T just screwed themselves like I havent seen a company screw itself since Nortel bought Clarify.
The problem is this... if you monitor and restrict access to content on your network - then you are LIABLE FOR THAT CONTENT IF YOU MISS SOMETHING. This is the LAW in the US. Compuserve fought this one for years back in 93 - and it's based on Supreme Court precedent.

...Smith v. California--an obscenity case, not a defamation case.
Smith is the Supreme Court case in which the notion first appears that it
is generally unconstitutional to hold bookstore owners liable for content
they did not know about. So, if Smith v. California applies in a
online-service or BBS defamation case, it certainly ought to apply in an
obscenity case as well.
So - if you're Apple you probably want to accelerate the process of breaking that exclusivity deal with AT&T - because AT&T is about to drag your ass down when they get sued by 4channers who get exposed to porn they didnt want to see.

AT&T - you are a carrier... you are not a censor... when you choose to become a censor you alter your protected status. Unbelievably stupid.

EDIT: Lol... looks like AT&T's lawyers have made it to the office this morning. They've suspended their censoring program and re-enabled access "following practices of their policy department". I swear - what kind of morons are running that company.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Only Voice...

There are only a handful of politicians left in the country that are worth a damn... here's the one who should be president... but wont... because our next president will be from alaska.

“If these reports are true, this raises significant questions about who the Fed is working for. There is record unemployment and businesses and consumers across American are starved for capital, if the Fed is paying higher interest rates on term deposits in order to induce banks to keep money at the Fed rather than lend, it would be an outrage,” Kucinich said.

I believe i suggested this would happen... 8 months ago... when i was bitching about the ted spread and what the fed was doing. But, as Krugman pointed out the other day, everyone was fairly convinced that Obama would be bringing in people OTHER than the Clintonistas to run the economy - it was one of Obama's biggest upsides - but alas it turns out to have been a sham - much like most of this asshole's presidency. Like Chris Brown - just another spineless self-serving morally reprehensible jackass - it's enough to wish you knew where that basement-dwelling monster Anonymous was when you needed it (but they're all busy in new jersey).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Things are worse than you think (and going to get worse than that at least for some of us)

Then again - predictions are never quite what you get at the end

I suppose it could be worse... they could've defined public protest as terrorism and created assassination squads to shoot people domestically... oh wait...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


you know...
of all the people i know
and of all the birthdays i've had
who would have believed one of the most thoughtful presents i'd ever get would come from 2 girls who live 7000 miles away