Thursday, February 14, 2008

So, according to DoJ, current waterboarding isnt like spanish inquisition waterboarding because we have safeguards in place.
You know... during the Philippine Insurrection - the US used to pour water down the throats of captured insurgents - then have these 6' Nebraska farmboy marines jump on their stomachs to see how high they could make the water squirt. So i wonder... would that be ok today if there were a paramedic close by?

This sort of twisted logic in defense of the indefensible is wrong. There is no justification for what we've done to these people. By crossing that line and delving into the business of torture we'd already lost moral standing - but to then twist around to somehow justify your actions when they come to light... you're kidding if you think anyone is buying. These are warcrimes... they may not be US crimes according to DoJ - but they are warcrimes and if the world court doesnt reach out and DO something about it then that, too, is tacit approval.

This administration finds new ways to make me sick to my stomach every day. They are villains in every sense of the word - and the day any of them shuffle off this mortal coil is a day i'll raise a glass to the maggots devouring their fetid corpse.

oh - and happy valentines day

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