Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm going back to this DoJ waterboarding is 'ok' if there are safeguards (aka a doctor nearby) then it's all good. So - by that logic - what, thumb screws... the rack... glass rods inserted into the penis then broken... all of that's ok if there's a paramedic in the room.

i mean... WTF

How did we get here. My mother echoes my sentiment... her affluent and comfortable octogenarian friends make the same noises... 'when did America become the bad guys?' they ask... 'i've never been so ashamed of my country' they say in a whisper... this is not the disaffected intelligentsia - this is the church going god fearing bourgeoisie... even their old die-hard republican friends are easily embarrassed by my mother throwing something like a supreme court justice saying 'it's not against the 'cruel and unusual punishment' clause if it's not 'punishment' - ie they have to be convicted of a crime...' yes - Anton 'Tomas de Torquemada' Scalia is loving this - and i wonder - why the hell do we hear something like Mukasey say 'waterboarding might be torture if you did it to me, but i dont know if its torture if you did it to someone else' and we not laugh and applaud and throw rotten vegetables. Surely it must be comedy of the lowest sort... surely they cant say things like that after putting that little flag lapel pin on in the morning and be serious... or do they desecrate their flags the way satanic nuns desecrated the crucifix - washed in the blood of innocents...

i used to ask, as per fat mike, how do they sleep at night... now i wonder - how do WE sleep at night.

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