Wednesday, February 20, 2008


you know... we've had 8 years where the 'rule of law' was subverted to the desires of political cronyism. 8 years, culminating in jakes 'rule of man' diatribe to the senators over their FISA voting... so here we are, with the Clinton campaign, making an effort to change the rules ex-post facto so they can get what they want. How, exactly, does that not speak to Obama's rant against 'more of the same' - and how exactly is that any different from W? Would we expect signing statements from president clinton too? no... if she hadnt lost me before she'd be losing me all over again for this one.

In the mean time I've some of her campaign ads now (we NEVER get to see campaign ads in tx) - and the whole 'i try to do something nice for someone every day' ad has to be one of the most absurd, idiotic, and unpresidential messages i've ever seen. what kind of morons did the hire to package this candidate.

I will not be voting for Hillary in the fall - one way or another.

then again... i'd vote for Huck if he'd just stop LOSING...

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robyncz said...

People less informed than you (which would be most everyone) dislike Hillary because she's prickly. People don't give a rat's ass about policy, signing statements (Hasn't she actually gone on record as saying she WOULD use them? I think I remember hearing that, but I'll have to dig for a source.), or ability to lead. Until recently, the biggest problem people had with Hillary was that she wasn't warm and fuzzy. I'm sure the ridiculous pay-it-forward ad is in direct response to that.

Frankly, I think as president she'd have just as large a disregard for the law as W. has--or perhaps even more, because she can use what he's done as precedence and just keep building on it. The only two things that make her marginally better than W. are that she can actually communicate using the English language and that the crap she bends the rules for is somewhat more likely to be something I'd agree with.

But that takes us back to the end justifying the means, and I just don't believe it.