Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so early voting has started - and it seems most everyone i know is fairly sure to vote - but one thing you may not realize is that delegates in texas are a real freaking mess.

The Atlantic has a backgrounder on the process - and it's not much different from the situation i was hearing about 4 years ago when i was working on the Clark campaign.

So here's how it works... IF you early vote - get your damned voter card stamped 'democrat'... then you can return to the precinct at 7pm and caucus with the other democrats.... now - that doesnt mean you have to GO to convention - but you should be there to help someone from the campaign - most likely the precinct chair for the campaign - to go forward. Now - this is a democratic process... and if you really want to go to the actual convention... this is how you get to go (though you have to make it through several steps, and the 'machine' will tend to advance machine people (thus clinton may be able to send a disproportionate number of these candidates if Obama doesn't get these young excited but otherwise clueless to their precinct locations by 7pm)).

and DONT BE LATE... the dirty tricks people will close the doors as soon as they think they have a numbers edge... clinton pulled that crap in nevada - dont think they wont be out in force to do it here too.

The texas democratic party is a real freakin mess - but this is how it works. If people want to change it - then, well, get involved - go to state convention - and change the damned rules for next time.

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