Sunday, February 10, 2008

relative to that last post...
From a BBC story discussing and explaining the idea of superdelegates to the brits:

Barack Obama said on Friday that they should reflect the latter.

"My strong belief is that if we end up with the most states and the most pledged delegates from the most voters in the country, that it would be problematic for the political insiders to overturn the judgement of the voters," he said.

Mrs Clinton took a different line.

"Super-delegates are by design supposed to exercise independent judgement," she said.

"But of course, if Senator Obama and his campaign continue to push this position, which is really contrary to what the definition of a super-delegate has historically been, I will look forward to receiving the support of Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry."
There you have it. She's a bitch.


fearlessvk said...

and meanwhile she whines incessantly about how undemocratic caucuses are because they disfavor her supporters. i have some issues with caucuses, but this is some blatantly cynical opportunistic bullshit - how can the woman fighting to have MICHIGAN (never mind florida - fuckin' MICHIGAN) delegates seated when she was the only one on the fuckin' ballot cast herself as the defender of democracy? amazing.

Karmadrome said...

Even worse, Michigan was obviously part of the plan from Day 1. Otherwise, why was her name still on the ballot?

My biggest problem with Hillary Clinton is that she campaigns like a Republican.