Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Airport Security Upgrade

These british made bomb detectors work so well they should replace metal detectors and xrays in all american airports.... but no... obviously the pro-xray lobby and anti-british lobby must have it out for these guys.

"Proponents of the wand often argue that errors stem from the human operator, who they say must be rested, with a steady pulse and body temperature, before using the device.

Then the operator must walk in place a few moments to “charge” the device, since it has no battery or other power source, and walk with the wand at right angles to the body. If there are explosives or drugs to the operator’s left, the wand is supposed to swivel to the operator’s left and point at them.

If, as often happens, no explosives or weapons are found, the police may blame a false positive on other things found in the car, like perfume, air fresheners or gold fillings in the driver’s teeth."
See - we just have to make sure passengers arent wearing perfume... or have gold fillings.

(if you want to know how the executives at this company sleep at night, my guess is 'very very well')

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