Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There are times on the internet that someone tells you 'dont click on this link'. Usually they mean it - and people do something dumb, like clicking on the link anyway. It's like saying 'standing in fire is bad' - so they go stand in the fire. There's really no way around it - people are inherently distrustful and curious. 'Sure - he say's standing in fire is bad - but how bad can it be really...'

I read about a youtube video of a man in Lithuania who threw a puppy off a bridge.

Do NOT click that link.

I'm not kidding.

Everyone involved in that situation should be beaten to death with a lead pipe... resuscitated at the hospital... then beaten to death a second time.

Sad when "the internet hate machine" is so much more effective at dealing with these than our traditional religions... maybe more /b/ is a better solution than colby.


robyncz said...

Ahem. I get the feeling you're talking to someone I know.

Thing is, YOU DIDN'T make a link.

If someone specifically SENDS YOU A LINK and then says "don't click that link," well, I'd estimate that 99.999999% of people are going to click the link.

That being said. . .people who hurt puppies suck. Link or no link. That's something I don't need to see. Ever.

GreatGoblin said...

well - the good news is that they rescued the animal... with lots of broken bones - but they treated it and are caring for it. And they have a suspect.

Seriously though... these are the sorts of 'how far down the toilet can the internet take us' stories that really make me cringe when thinking of where we're all headed...