Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So I watched the Superbowl ads on Youtube (we dont get the US ad feeds up here... instead we're barraged with the same damned Rogers Wireless ad over and over... occasionally interspersed with some annoying ad for Fish Sauce - no i'm not kidding - i think i saw the same fish sauce ad 15 times - and i still dont remember the name of the company)

Anyway - some good ones. I thought the snickers ad that has people unhappy was funny... though i do think it, like others, could have been funnier. In fact - a lot of 'potential' was missed this year. The blockbuster mouse ad could've had a 'follow up' crack about optical mice and 'lasers'... The FedEx 'Not what it seems' FedEx Ground ad - with people acting like their names... they really blew that one... They needed a guy named 'Dick'... and he needed to be wearing a 'box' in front of his fly... that SOOO would've pissed some people off...

The winner in my book? Robert Goulet as the Boogeyman vs Emerald Nuts. Brilliant.

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