Monday, September 11, 2006

I was in the clubroom at Le Centre Sheraton with Jon...
Peter (one of the waitstaff... i lived in that hotel, i knew everyone by name) came over and opened up the cabinet that hides one of the TVs - saying something terrible was happening in NY...
We saw the second plane strike...
I was on the phone to my wife within seconds - giving her the news
then I was on the phone to coworkers since I had people flying to NY that morning and I wanted them off anything that flew... and had others from texas scheduled to come up the following day - and needed to make sure that wasnt going to happen either.
my wife spent the day crying - and i checked in on her repeatedly. Manhattan was always 'her' city and i knew this would hurt her deeply
We didnt make it into the office until afternoon.
Jon and I were livid. We probably looked as dangerous as we felt.
The canadians saw us coming - and i swear they were diving into offices to get out of our way.
I remember Robin, the HR director, peeking into my office and saying how sorry she was - and how sorry everyone in the office was... and then Mark coming by to suggest we just bomb everything - you dont expect that from the leftist harvard boys.

It doesnt seem like 5 years

I dont think a commemorative coin will ever do it justice.

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