Tuesday, October 24, 2006

'On the verge of chaos'
or so Sen Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) describes Iraq.
hmmm - with people taking over whole cities in different parts of the country and the civilian death toll rising - is there some point at which we officially reach 'chaos'? or is this another one of those idiotic Fox/CNN "?" headlines... "Iraq, Verge of Chaos?"

The thing that really gets me going now are the hordes of assclowns that say 'yeah, all you ever do is complain - what kind of solutions do you have!!!' as if by electing democrats that somehow puts the onus of resolving this nightmare successfully on someone else's shoulders. If the mother of a child is killed, the question isn't who has the better plan for resolving the question of making the kid's lunch in the morning. Iraq is broken and just because the king's horses aren't putting it back together doesn't make it Bill Clinton's fault. Broken. There's no changing the Met lineup card so they can win the world series... they LOST... and Bill Clinton is not responsible. Iraq WILL be a source of terrorism for generations... it WILL be a destabilizing influence in the region... it WILL be a horrible human tragedy that will involve not thousands but millions if not tens of millions of deaths... and it's the people who voted for George Bush that are responsible. You want an answer? elect Fred Phelps president... he'll solve the problem for you.

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