Friday, January 26, 2007

"I know there is skepticism and pessimism and that some are condemning a plan before it's even had a chance to work," the president said. "They have an obligation and a serious responsibility therefore to put up their own plan as to what would work."

"I want to make gold out of this lead... what?... you tell me my plan to take a shit on your kitchen table isnt going to work?... then you have an obligation to tell me what will!!!!" See... it all comes back to Humpty Dumpty, George. Did Bab's not read you that one? The part about all the king's horses? yeah... that's the part... yeah, I know... she was a shite mother... not your fault she never loved you... yeah - i know... it's ok to cry about it... See George - this isnt happy magic pony land. You want Iraq to work out for you? Do what the other happy magic pony people do... pray... and stop wasting my money and my countrymen's lives. That way if it doesn't all work out - you can spout off some 'god works in mysterious ways' bile and still sleep at night.

You are an ass. We told you not to do it. We told you you'd break it and cause us all horrible horrible problems - just like the environmental scientists are screaming 'if we dont stop this global warming crap now it's all over'. If we - as a society - are incapable of addressing such a fundamental threat to our long term viability - then we will fail. I'd send you a book by Toynbee on the subject mr president... but you've still got the rest of those 'shakespeares' to read.

I know... i shouldnt blame you... you're the symptom.

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