Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And today's winner of the Colin 'Mobile Biological Weapons Labs' Powell "I tried to do my job for 2 1/2 whole hours" award for ineptitude and cowardice goes to Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona.

Yes - yet another Profile in Non-Courage for this administration. I guess if you're going to pick lapdogs that are going to whine about how shitty things were - at least they did right by picking ones that hold the whining until the team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

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Jake said...

Ok, sure, it is chickenshit to not say anything about it publically until you're no longer in the organization. But when you're still in the organization, sometimes you have to dissent privately but then go with what the boss tells you publically. I would rather these guys have quit on the spot and started spewing, but, at least in Powell's case, I think there's little question he felt like he was the only internal moderating influence.

I'm glad they're (finally) speaking a little more publically. I wish they'd done it earlier, but, as you know, it is usually a little more complicated than that, so I'll cut 'em a little (but not complete) slack.