Saturday, July 14, 2007

They really just dont get much stranger than this... (the comments are worth reading - but the video... bwahahahahaah)


Jake said...

That is the most lovely, poetic thing I've seen all day. Where the fuck you been all day?

GreatGoblin said...

hmmm... i'm 13 pages into a new business model - and i've been busy taking advantage of Blockbuster's Free 2 week trial - where i can rent movies, watch them, then take them to blockbuster and exchange them for other movies for free. I figure i can watch all the movies i havent seen in the last 2 years all at once - for free. Hollywood loves me.

Oh - and watching a couple of fansubs of this season's anime in japan... because you really have to break up an unbelievably dense 'execution strategies and milestones' with a harem comedy involving a singing pig or an almodovar film - or else you're just not doing it right.