Friday, August 24, 2007


"Some have said things to save their own necks. Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he had killed a human being. His crime is, it was a dog." --Atlanta NAACP Chapter President R.L. White
White said he does not support dogfighting and that he considers it as bad as hunting.

As bad as hunting.

Hmmm.... "It didn't surprise anyone - most people knew the fights were going on - just nobody talks about it. There's a certain code on the streets..." ... "...even in a gang shooting, most people say 'the guy had it comin to him' - who's going to be concerned about a dog when they have to deal with their own life in situations every day"

Hmmmm.... "They will be forced to run on treadmills with "bait" animals such as cats dangled in front of them - the reward usually being to maul them afterwards." ... "Part of the psychology of dog fighting is the same as other forms of animal cruelty - a lot of it is about power and control. The dog fighter sees his dog's victory as having a direct reflection on his strength and manliness, which I think is one of the reasons that we see brutal treatment of animals that don't perform well," Dr Lockwood said.

Well there ya have it...
Some are saying 'this is a cultural thing' and part of the culture is to treat the individual the way the dog is treated. Fine by me... would you like me to oversee the drowning and electrocution - i'd be more than happy to do so.

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