Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hindu devotees believe the area between India and Sri Lanka - now known as Adam's Bridge - was built millions of years ago by Lord Ram, supported by an army of monkeys.
But scientists and archaeologists say Adam's Bridge, or Ram Setu, is a natural formation of sand and stones.
On Wednesday the Archaeological Survey of India told the Supreme Court that the religious texts were not evidence that Lord Ram ever existed.
Posit, for a moment, that Ram did exist... as did his army of monkeys... and the tales of the Ramayana are not intended as metaphor and morality play.

It all makes me glad there aren't any 'god made x' objects in christianity - oh - except the heavens and the earth... and man... and lilith (who wasnt a mistake cause, you know, God doesn't roll wif dat - but he took care of that anyway)

Seriously - can you imagine what would happen in this country if, oh, Jesus and an army of monkeys were responsible for building the twin towers? I'll tell you one thing for sure - there'd be an oversupply of radioactive glass. If people cant put religion away when it comes to thinking - then we have a problem.

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