Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ok, so the spring season series are finishing up - and i gotta say there were some shows i was a lot more impressed with than i expected. I loved LuckyStar - but because it's slow and subtle. I didnt see Denou Coil coming at all - and it's way into my top 10 list all time... Kaze no Stigma finished strong - i wish it had done without the boring filler in the middle but oh well.

But the story of the season seems to be School Days. It was a slice of life story that took the concept to a whole new level. Very much not my sort of story - but pre-empting the last episode with 30 minutes of travel pictures out of concern for the subject matter is a bit over the top. The japanese are pushing the envelope in a LOT of media - whether we're talking books like Battle Royale, weird assed cartoons like Kodomo no Jikan, or the musical stylings of Dir en Gray or Melt Banana.

A couple I'm really looking forward too... but Clannad is the only tv show of the fall i know i'll set aside time for. Not that i have anything really to do with my time right now...

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