Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So I'm watching Katie Couric tonight - dont ask me why - i'd been watching the local CBS news about how those assholes at BFI lost the right to build a landfill the size of Mt Bonnell in NE Travis county and i didnt bother to change the channel...

it was the combination of 2 stories that has me posting. First, there's a continuing stink at the SCOTUS today over what constitutes child pornography - and whether representing something as child pr0n that isnt should be a 5-20 offense. I gather some grandfather sent a 'poorly phrased' email with a subject header having to do with pictures of his grandchildren... and another guy had some pr0n with 18 yr olds who look younger... or somesuch... i dont know - the news story wasnt very good... and i think it was only there to tease the viewer into thinking there might be something sexual in the news.

So then the second story is a long feature on Rockstar's latest 'Manhunt 2' for the Wii - where you get to physically act out the part of being an escapee from a mental institution where you dismember policemen with an axe. They let kids play it, they had psychologists, they mentioned in passing that there was no scientific evidence linking the playing of violent video games and acting them out IRL... showed in detail how to lock your console so kids couldnt play mature themed stuff... then she let loose with her opinion - that she didnt know what sort of people would like these games.

Hmmm... well katie... i dont personally care for this stuff - but then i dont like 'Battle Raper 2' either(no, i'm not linking to that one)... still, if some demure little girl wants to practice her axe-chopping on a couple of virtual policemen (with her parents permission) i dont see how it's any business of yours. This is amurika... we solve all our problems with violence - best to train em young. (note - this game was banned in the UK... and though i'm not really a nanny-state person, i can sorta appreciate where they're coming from)

The stories were right next to each other... i really think at some point someone needs to say 'virtually ripping skulls out of people with a meathook isnt something we need to see' - or at least put some of the energy they put into protecting us from people who think they have underage pr0n but dont... Of course, Katie doesn't see that - but she's a spineless moron.

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