Monday, October 15, 2007

time for corporate america to grow up

apple restricts its products to only apple provided apps? heh... in come the 13 yr old kids.

The latest Sims2 expansion ships with Sony's SecuROM DRM protection scheme that results in disabled DVD drives, crashed computers, and 4,146 posts from 883 people on the EA boards in 24 hours... and a cracked no-DRM version is up on piratebay within the same period.

with Radiohead's album, then NIN and Madonna leaving their labels, i think you're starting to see the artists figure it out - too many involved in the manufacturing process are not interested in the consumer past taking his/her money - and they're going to fail at that if they don't start charging LESS for the entertainment and do LESS to screw with people.

Artists have a right to be paid for their work... but the cost of transport of information has DECREASED the per-unit value of said work, while dramatically increasing the potential marketplace. Sure, a huge swath of radiohead fans will decide to pay nothing for the album - but a huge swath will pay full price or more - and with artists getting 1/9th of the money associated with the sales - i bet they do just fine with this arrangement.

oh - and if you sell me something that screws with my computer? yeah... dont ever expect me to buy your products again.

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