Monday, December 17, 2007

So the senate invoked cloture to limit debate on the FISA bill before Dodd had a chance to lock everything up. He can do no more than 30 hours of damage.

If this bill passes
The democratic party will never see a dime of my money. No Democratic candidate - not even the son of god his-holy-self - will ever see my vote - and i will do all i can, both personally and professionally, to make sure any company I build will be built overseas and support the US government fiscally as little as possible. I've said it before - this is my personal line in the sand. Senator Dodd, upon taking the floor, said "I rarely come to the floor with this much anger. I've never seen contempt of the rule of law such as this." I am at least as incensed (and there, on CSPAN, is John Fucking Cornyn talking about how Islamofascist Terrorists are using PHONES to plan terrorist attacks... well no shit sherlock... they use WORDS too... why not cut out everyone's tongue or cut off their fingers and feed them finger sushi like machine girl. Or are we to the point where we pay people to inform on crazy people - supply them with money so they can purchase 'terrorist uniforms' - and then fail miserably to prosecute them when it turns out they're just a bunch of morons instead of a group 'as dangerous as al qaeda determined to blow up the sears tower' - and call that vigilance.

I am *this* close to giving up. Senator Reid - you are an abomination.

UPDATE: Reid buckled. They put it off till January... these guys need to figure out if they want to be the guys in the white hats or not.

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