Friday, December 07, 2007

This post is going to be vulgar...

very vulgar...

This sub-prime mortgage bailout thing really fucking pisses me off. What the fuck... a bunch of fucking morons buy houses they cant fucking afford with teaser interest rates that are less than the cost of money the banks borrow from the fed - and now the banks make noises that 'if the govt doesnt come in and rescue us from our unsound business practices we'll declare bankruptcy' and the government buckles. So the banks get a pile of MY tax money... and the morons that live in $600,000 houses get a pile of MY tax money... and what does joe-sixpack who fucking pays his taxes and lives within his meager means get? Outsourced... afterall, companies have to follow the invisible hand and do what's best for their stockholders (which apparently includes making predatory loans to bad customers and then lining up at the public trough with Raytheon and KB&R)

This is total fucking bullshit. If I were one of the banks who DIDNT make these predatory bullshit loans - i'd be suing the govt for MY fucking check... and all those corpsefuckers who thought housing prices doubling in 6 years was GOOD for the economy or had any likelyhood of sustainability - yeah - FUCK them. WHY THE FUCK do I have to pay for this shit (and we ALL do). I'm sick of the unbelievable sense of fucking entitlement in this country - that the PUBLIC should bail my ass out for being a fucking idiot... that the PUBLIC should pay those people who get tazed for being deaf in their bathtubs when the cops break down the wrong door (why cant the fucking COPS be forced to be bonded for that shit - doctors are)... that the PUBLIC should pay for a fucking hoverround and a lapband because i (like 30% of my neighbors) am morbidly obese and cant stop eating so god damned much. When the fuck did we forget there's a god damned BILL at the end of the night (or isnt everyone on the list to go to Scores for free)... if you go lease a car for $200 a month, with a $60,000 balloon payment due in 7 years, and you roll that debt into the next $200 lease, and then into the NEXT $200 lease... eventually you owe $500,000 on a fucking Saturn - and one day someone is going to run the fucking numbers and realize that GM has fuckpile of DEBT on its books that, in all likelyhood, its NEVER GOING TO FUCKING COLLECT. So do they get a govt bailout too? Where do you think the money comes from - cause i'll tell you... it comes from people who pay their fucking taxes, who live within their means, and who dont try to take advantage of the system -- you know... It turns out that in THIS america fiscal irresponsibility is a positive selection criteria for breeding - and though we can have a few Donald Trumps, we cant afford the whole fucking country going batshit crazy.

NONE of the fucking presidential candidates is out there screaming this - hell John Edwards, mr 2 americas, wants ALL these morons to get 7 years of low interest... WHAT THE FUCK. There's only ONE who's saying anything close to this... Ron Fucking Paul... God Fucking Damn it - how come the craziest motherfucker in the bunch is the only one who's willing to make sense... In the mean time, Austin has the gall to consider requiring licenses for the homeless?!? I hope they remember that when it's all those assholes in pflugerville who're livin in their HUMMERs in the wallyworld parkinglot at Ben White and I-35.

I swear to god this sort of blind-eye to the future shit is going to sink this fucking country (and this planet) in such record time we're all going to be around to see it - and then god help us all. In the mean time i wonder - why the fuck do i try? I should go do amazingly stupid shit, never work again, collect my check, and make microwave popcorn and enjoy the fucking show. This fucker is going to hell - and no one gives enough of a shit that its going to make a whit of difference.

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