Monday, December 03, 2007

Today's Lesson in Drinking Responsibly brought to you by Moyhashimon

... hold on... that's not right... this post was supposed to discourage drinking irresponsibly. Oh. I know... My idiot high school children were back saturday night, until 3:30am... and had a couple young very slurred almost incomprehensible 'i'm so drunk' girls out there with em. One guy was so violently sick i could hear him puking over sound of music - which, of course, didnt stop him from showing his ladyfriend a good time (for what sounded like 30 or 40 seconds). There ya go... so girls - if 30 seconds of sex with a guy who smells (and tastes) like beer puke in the back of his truck sounds like fun - then drink more.


fearlessvk said...

hrm....looks like i chose the wrong night to send you a drunk email, eh?

let the record state there was no puking or irresponsible 30-second drunken sex here :P

GreatGoblin said...

Lets call it an amusing coincidence... and i have to note that i seem to be able to type, spell, and build substantially more complex sentences (though with fewer ellipses than i normally overuse) than you do when drunk and typing.
not that that's a good thing... i can get into trouble that way... ;)

fearlessvk said...

the thing is, i type so fast (my friend once accused me of "reckless typing") that i always make a shit ton of typos. it's just that when i'm sober, i feel compelled to correct all of them. when i'm drunk, i just don't care.

i tend not to do stupid irresponsible shit when drunk. bad typing is usually my worst sin.