Sunday, January 20, 2008

A man in a wheelchair came in with his daughter, and said he was an Edwards supporter. When his daughter began to wheel him to the middle of the room, the Hillary operative tapped her on the shoulder, took the wheelchair and took him to the Clinton corner. I rushed over from talking to an undecided voter and objected loudly, but his daughter was a Hillary person. The Clinton operative said, "I don't control what he does; she does." At that point I said to the man, "Nobody controls you. If you want to vote for Edwards, you have every right to go to the center of the room. Do you need help?" He looked at me plaintively, but said nothing as his daughter dragged him farther back into the corner and just shook his head.
This Clinton campaign disgusts me. The 'Death Party™ (ΩΩΩ)' which supported HW 20 years ago and W 8 years ago may have a hard time supporting pubs this time around.

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robyncz said...

They're all disgusting. The people who SHOULD run the country would never put themselves or their families through the election process and very likely wouldn't survive it if they did.

A serious flaw in democracy. . .