Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary at it again...

You know, after the vote here in Texas I tried to distance myself from this shit - afterall, wtf am i supposed to do about it now? I voted... I caucused... I sent the guy money... and damn if it wasnt getting old. How many times must we see a debate where they two say nothing new... if you hadn't made up your mind by the first super tuesday - much less the second one - what on earth are you waiting for? But I digress. I'd tried to just stop talking about it - there just wasnt much that could be done other than wait for someone to ring the bell at the end and total the card - and so I'd rather waste my time complaining to congress critters so they reverse their policy on the mars rover (which happened yesterday) or watching that cool elephant-cam stuff on the BBC.

So it's a slow news day on the political trail... they've devolved into parsing Hillary's statements on 'what constitutes sniper fire' - made worse by her insistence that this was her 'misspeaking' due to lack of sleep rather than an over-exaggeration intended to shore up her foreign policy experience (duh - you'd think she'd have learned the whole 'the coverup is worse than the lie' bit from Bill)... speaking of which - what *IS* sniper fire anyway... still, this wasn't new snark - after Sinbad skewered her on the subject a month ago it was bound that someone was going to go pull press footage. Like I said - slow news cycle.
So what does she do to deflect? She whips out the race card and tries to use it as kindling for the Wright controversy. For some reason, Hillary Clinton hates Oprah's pastor - and thinks people who listen to him should be denigrated. Now I'm not going to go into the whole 'the family' crap because, like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, I dont think it matters what church you attend - but apparently it matters to Hillary. If the Clintons wanted to associate with Santorum's church group - that's their personal business. Hell - if you wanted to hang out with Tantriks it wouldnt be all that different from the moron we have as president right now... But again - this still isnt news - it's just a pathetic reach by a campaign intent on destroying its opponent as best it can.

It was only when I read Josh's expose over at TPM that I went from disgusted to pissed off. Again - the 'I was just answering a question' bit is just another blatant wink and a nudge, but huddling with the crowbar merchants while your doing it does NOT make one look less like Tonya Harding. The Clinton legacy is tarnished - and you are setting back the prospect of a woman president for decades to come. I hope you're happy.

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