Thursday, March 13, 2008

So the Obama campaign is having a contest...

My ad:
[black - fade up into video of iraq war... video footage is going to be running in little rectangles as it receeds into a dark background - lots of footage from frontline type shows... rumsfeld talking up the war... bush talking up the war... cheney talking up the war... govt officials saying it would pay for itself etc... all these voices are subtextual - nothing as the primary audio focus]
Primary audio focus... female voice... "In 1992 Barrack Obama had the vision to call the Iraq war a mistake. 7 years later, the war in iraq has cost this nation prestige overseas... through torture it's moral standing at home and abroad... through the abuse of the constitution its even cost us the rule of law... but, in terms of cold hard cash, [begin to pull back... showing girl speaking to left of center as she comes into screen - long haired brunette with big sunglasses, wearing sunhat and flowery laura-ashley style sundress] it's estimated to have cost us 3 trillion dollars. My name is Ashley Dupré [takes off sunglasses] and i want you to understand that that's the equivalent of two hours with me for every man woman and child in the country. So I ask you America... was it good for you? [fade to black]

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