Saturday, March 22, 2008

There are many here on the left who will argue against the death penalty at length... as a barbaric act... as no better than the sorts of crimes it in theory dissuades people from committing... and I suppose that might all be true.
But when i see stories like these i gotta tell you - in my book the death penalty is too kind. When the founding fathers deciding the act of drawing and quartering was too much - i dont think they envisioned the kind of evil our modern society fosters so well. That a story like this is, to some degree, unremarkable, is one of the reasons i am not as proud of my country as i might be otherwise (I'll let Obama's wife speak to that feeling - just tune in Faux news, i think they have the clip on a loop).
Mississippi - if you have trouble finding someone willing to act the carnifex on this one - i dont think i'd be that squeamish. Give me a call - i'll help you out.

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Karmadrome said...

Dude, if you outlaw this kind of behavior, you'll be robbing us of one of the key tools in the war on terror.

I had to say it, even though I know its wrong. But, ya know, if these people are sub-human animals but the President says torture is ok (and remember, Khalid Shiekh Mohammed is considered to be mentally incompetent), then we have a major disconnect here.