Tuesday, March 04, 2008


A hint as to my voting preference with a question... If Bitch is the New Black... and Johnny Cash is the man in black... and Johnny Cash is dead... does that make Hillary a necrophiliac?

at caucus - we had maybe 300 lined up out into the cold, some in shorts - many with kids running around... the doors didnt open until about 720 - some last minute voters and then a degree of 'what are we going to do - look at all those people' no doubt. At one point the republicans opened up a side door to another room in the building and screamed 'any republicans out there?'... they were greeted with laughter and silence.

As I stood in the crowd I assumed a lot of those present would be Clinton people - no one seemed to know what a caucus would look like in texas... most seemed to have a vision that it would be like Iowa, with lots of hemming and hawing over undecideds.

We were broken into groups - 3 lines - one for people who had their voter registration cards stamped democrat, which were mostly early voters since those who voted today were given little 'invitations', one for the invitations people, and one for the 'i voted but i dont have any documentation and i look lost'. I was in the invitation group - a smaller line - so they merged us with the confused people. You went in... signed in... filled in the ID# they gave you... then chose the candidate you supported. I saw Obama people standing there, and one lone Clinton campaign person who had this jcrew outfit going and looked like he was sporting a 3 foot stick up his ass. He kept looking at the signin sheets - so as i was standing there i glanced over at them as well... of the 60 or so people who'd signed in by the time I got to the front of the line - every single one signed in for Obama.

When I left, the line out the door was filled with people sporting little obama stickers, wearing shirts, and generally looking like Hillary's worst nightmare.

School teachers, mothers, septuagenarians, couples, yuppies, cowboy boot wearing texans... it was a long line...

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