Friday, April 04, 2008

In town to visit jake... see him more now than i did but talk to him about the same, dont figure that'll hold up that way forever seeing as i'm so often off to the far reaches (though, not - it seems - to Hong Kong to work for this latest prospect...) so it's fun. Tried to go to Chuys - but it was overly full... tried to go to Polovos but it was as well... tried to go to Home Slice but there's some old car thing on congress that had the streets packed... ended up at El Arroyo which was a lot better than i remember it being. Things must be greasy in the kitchen - so i'm guessing its time for the semi-annual 'oh look El Arroyo is burning down again' event. Still a lot of wasted money going into restaurants in this town... people are out and about and burning money like it was 98... man is that gonna hurt when the rubber hits the road.

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