Monday, April 07, 2008

You assholes made your point...

Several weeks ago on NPR I listened to an awful protester haranguing an athlete over chinese oil investements making the country complicit in genocide in Darfur... a horrible man who implied that as an african american woman she should be morally obligated to give up her dreams of competing. It was a stance that was as close to racist as I've heard on NPR - and stood out in my mind as the local affiliate went into fundraising mode this week...

And now the great unwashed masses of the outraged political left have decided to hate china because of Tibet... an area that has never been autonomous in a modern sense, was ruled by warlords before 1949, and has been claimed by the PRC since '51 (so whatdya got, 2 years?). This is total crap. Hey dickeheads - if you want to protest a country that's busy killing people, you might want to consider THE ONE YOU LIVE IN. The truth is that people dont hate China because of any of this - they hate China because China is going to bury the west economically. We get morons scaling the golden gate in SF, who'll happily go back to walmart and drop half their meager paychecks on chinese-manufactured goods. Ask em to protest by not buying back to school clothes at JCP - good fucking luck.

There was another story on NPR... talking about a protest by farmers in mexico city in 68 2 weeks before the games began - where the mexican govt went out into the streets and shot 250 people dead. Did that stop the games? Did anyone give a shit? Hell no.

These games are politics neutral. You leave this shit at the door - because if you DONT then we cant have them. I may not agree with things the Chinese govt does, I may not agree with things the American govt does, but that doesn't mean I cant watch basketball does it?

If we're incapable of the idea of sports without politics - and maybe that's the case - then lets just fucking cancel the World Cup while we're at it. Oh wait... the French and English have good squads there dont they... yeah, guess we only assert our political outrage when it suits us. God I wish this olympic games were held in Tel Aviv - then we'd see whether these dickheads who feel assaulting wheelchair bound athletes taking pride in being involved in something they'll always remember is acceptable.

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