Friday, April 11, 2008

One day the Clinton camp is going to realize that trying to bitchslap this guy is a bad idea - because he can get up, unscripted, and kick you so square in the balls that you'll cry like a girl... oh wait... prolly should use a different euphamism there huh.

edit: after seeing the analysis on DU i had to drop some of it on this one too...

...the news cycle for the next week is going to be about this. Every news show and talking head is going to be on this subject... the subject of working class anger, cynicism, and resentment towards government. And guess what: that's a subject that will crush Hillary and mcsame in middle America. Nafta, wal*mart, bankruptcy bill... all over the news for the next week as hillary is on the news telling these folks "you're not angry with government like he says" and folks all across the mid-west saying "hell yes I'm angry with government." Obama said working folks are bitter towards government... bitter means resentful and cynical. Find me one rural working class american that isn't resentful or cynical towards government. One. Apr 15th is 4 days away, so trust me, you won't find one.

I think that's probably deadbang. By taking the complaint by McCain and Clinton and reframing the argument into 'bitterness over government' - and doing it AT TAX TIME - I really think he's going to dominate them this week... and they practically gifted it to him.


robyncz said...

Two unrelated thoughts:

1) Obama knows JUST what to say to make me all tingly. I wish I knew how much of it was real. The cynic in me is suspicious. The optimist in me is winning, though.

2) What, exactly, would be the difference in flavor between boobs and stripper? Never having tasted either, I'm imaging stripper to be a damper, saltier version of boobs.

GreatGoblin said...

to be honest - that should cement him every single Edwards voter.

There was a great CNN piece on this story too - and i really think the idea that the Clintons have made 109 million the last 7 years trying to turn Obama into 'the elite' candidate is beyond pathetic. In fact - as I watched that video of Clinton taking a shot at Obama I pretty much cemented the idea that i'll be voting for McCain in the fall if she's the Dem.