Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was talking to Jon the other day about appropriate response to violent acts. The difference is subtle but telling - I dont believe in responding to minor violence at all - but i'm in favor of escalation above and beyond when it comes time to actually act, whereas Jon is more of a 'take a crowbar to the bully's car' person. In this case, imo, the police exercised far more restraint than was appropriate. Maybe a hail of gunfire would have been over the top - but honestly, i'm not sure.

From the BBC article:
Sir Richard Leese, the leader of Manchester City Council, suggested "a fair number" of fans had been too drunk to follow directions to an alternative screen which was set up after the failure of the Piccadilly Gardens screen.

Sir Richard added: "The technicians trying to repair the screen had bottles and stuff thrown at them so they had to withdraw.

"I think there were clearly a fair number of fans that had been drinking since before breakfast time and they might have had some difficulty following instructions, but clearly the vast majority were still capable."
Sorry - the right way to handle these assholes is teargas, tasers, and 48 hours in the drunk tank with Big Gay Ed as their cellmate.

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