Monday, June 09, 2008

"The government announced Monday that it intends to tighten the control of knives in a bid to prevent future attacks."

Ok look... 'knife control' is just a bad idea. People use knives for things other than attacking people. They use big trucks for more than mowing down pedestrians too... I mean - how about you instead thank god that it was ONLY a knife, that he didn't have a couple glocks with 20 round magazines - that's how it would go down in Blacksburg, VA. Or consider that at least one of those attacked was a police officer - ie - there were public safety people right there - getting into it - trying to get control of the situation. Really - you cant stop the crazy people... dont let one nutter freak everyone out - please - dont become cowards like America has become. Instead, show the world how to respond to something like this - and dare the fuckers to do it again.

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