Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ok - this one is Warren's fault.

A couple days ago: "Over a six-hour period this morning, high-powered radars in the Arctic Circle broadcast an advertisement into space for the first time.

The advertisement, for Doritos tortilla chips, was being directed towards a solar system in the Ursa Major constellation, just 42 light years from Earth. The solar system contains a habitable zone, and could host an Earth-like planet and extraterrestrial life."

Ok - so Warren's take is basically we're asking for it - and i tend to agree... remember the scene in Contact when they bust their asses to figure out what the hell this signal is - and they end up with a hitler speech? Yeah... doritos, hitler, either way - if that doesnt sic a Klendathu planet-killer on us i dont know what will.

47 years to get there - 47 years for a response - so right around 2100 expect something on the order of "SURRENDER YOUR NACHO CHEESE AND COOL RANCH OR WE SHALL TAKE OUT NORAD AND EXECUTE PAMELA ANDERSON!"

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