Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some days are like this i suppose... you get a movie that looks bad, you watch it, you wonder why you didnt start drinking before hand... The Machine Girl is a poignant lovestory between a high school basketball star and the mother of her brother's best friend. Not since Yo Yo Girl has Japanese cinema churned out such quality - and if Quentin Tarantino didnt have something to do with it he should've. It's Jane Eyre meets Grindhouse... only without the Jane Eyre and more blood. Oddly enough, the drill bra scene was the only one to make we wince (not even the fried tempura arm is as gruesome).
Yes - if I'm going to be forced to sit through over the top japanese cinema, I'd still rather watch Kamikaze Girls but, I suppose, if I'd had more beer at the start I might have a different opinion.

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