Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great piece in the Washington Post today on the Airforce's waste of anti-terrorism money on color-coordinated seatbelts (you cant make this shit up). Hell - considering how big a waste of money the REST of the War on Terra is, the idea of blowing it on 'comfort capsules' isnt really any more egregious.

"In a letter of complaint sent yesterday to Gates, POGO asserted that the new capsules will provide no special communications or work capabilities beyond those already available for top officials on Air Force transport aircraft."

That being the case, perhaps airforce brass have been living a little large across the board. To quote my father on the subject - "I want my own comfort capsule". I suppose we should come to expect this sort of graft and waste when dealing with the Bush administration - afterall these sorts of boneheaded maneuvers are pretty well guaranteed to provide the excuse for applying harsh budget oversight to otherwise successful government programs (not that the war on terra should fall into that particular silo). It plays as a classic republican 'ruin good government at all costs' strategy. Almost requires a good earworm to get it out of your system.

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