Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Things I Learnt on my Summer Vacation (in no particular order)
or how I managed to stop worrying and love the bomb

1) just because a website is called foreverakid doesnt make it safe for work
2) there ought to be limits to freedom - particularly involving sexual gratification derived from diapers (related to #1 in case you didnt know)
3) according to some, southern california has a lot of whores
4) movie studios have a lot of morons in positions of authority
5) movie studios are saved by the very bright people that lurk in the shadows of authority
6) Maid Cafes should not have surly maids - it defeats the purpose
7) When the kind voice in the GPS tells you you'll make it across LA on a Friday afternoon in 45 minutes, it's lying to you
8) I can cook better than anything i ate in any restaurant (though i doubt i'd do better than Nadine's delivery of Alaskan King Crab)
9) 'Lost? Try Hare Krisha' is an effective humor vehicle in a musical
10) Too many people from too many walks of life are afraid of what's coming re the economy... for good reason

ps - annoying people with the ultimate Sanrio quest is unbelievably fun

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