Friday, October 24, 2008

So this Ashley Todd woman...
i mean queue up the unwanted conditions here - overweight, unattractive, Texas A&M student... wants McBush to win so badly she CARVES THE LETTER B INTO HER FACE and blames a black assailant 'who was incensed by the McCain bumpersticker on her car'
B? for what... oBama? and backwards? is it any wonder she did it in the review mirror of her car?

who does shit like this... and who makes these sorts of stories up?


because that's the same sort of altered reality that has them blaming Obama for the financial crisis (hey, at least they aren't blaming Clinton... yet) and convinced Jeebus is coming to save us all.

They're putting her in the psychiatric ward... too bad they cant take another 40% of the voting public with her.

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