Thursday, January 08, 2009

hard question

Why isnt this guy in a cell with this guy?

When you know people who've been given 18 year sentences for stealing meat out of a refrigerator - you'd think stealing $50b might count for a little jail time.

Anytime people tell you that the American justice system is something to be proud of - something we should be thankful is looking out for us - something positive in our collective lives... i gotta ask 'then why dont people like that dickhead go to jail instead of being "under house arrest and 24-hour surveillance at his luxury Manhattan apartment"'.

Someone needs to be telling Bernie 'watch your cornhole buddy' - and his wife?! hah! she's an accessory if nothing else. The very least they should do to her is give her a cardboard box and a sharpie and send her into the subway.

Then again - the "police" in this country aren't much more than uniformed thugs these days.

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