Monday, January 05, 2009

It's Monday

Happy Monday

You know... if there weren't enough reasons to avoid Hooters to begin with, this one is priceless. Too bad there's not an Akiba Hooters - because she'd be a hit. Did the manager really think that this would stand up? How dumb do you have to be to manage a Hooters? Where's the common sense? Ok - yes - it's a sexually oriented business - but i dont think you're allowed to fire someone for being an assault victim in any business. If things that happen to a person outside of work count towards their work-capacity, then aren't you saying all injuries outside are still workplace related? Shouldn't their insurance be involved? If a hooters girl gets pregnant - and she's not "styled as if you're going out on a big date on a Saturday night, as if you're preparing for a photo shoot" - does that mean you should be fired?

There are days I wonder about this country... then i realize that it isnt just us.

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