Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Signs of the Times

The Love of Money... Nortel No More - considering how much of dallas commercial real estate was leased by these guys, i dont imagine that's going to go over well

A New Revelation... Obama to emerge from the belly of the Beast next week... *cough*

An Eye for an Eye... following up on my irony story... i understand the sentiment - but this somehow seems a bit much.

Being my Brother's Keeper - or not. Close the libraries to kids? sure - why not... after all there wasn't much outrage after the announcement that 'baby clothes/toys/cribs/things' cannot be resold on ebay/craigslist unless tested for lead. Nanny state wins again! Seriously - i want to market an alchemical spray that will turn the minuscule amounts of lead in paint in toys to gold. Call it 'Newton's Wonder Spray' after the greatest alchemical genius of all time. As Colbert would say, no one likes lead - but everyone likes gold!

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