Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The War on Basketball

This story is just too perfect. A Christian school in Dallas (red flag) plays girls basketball against a school for learning disabled and special needs kids (big red flag)... and the result is - well - to be expected.

So the school, citing the rather 'unchristian' 100-0 score, and the fact that the team was shooting 3's well into the second half - demanded that the coach apologize for running up the score. The coach refused and was fired - but check out the quote from the kids - "What we did that night is what we are on this team for: to play basketball and win. As for the media calling our actions "unchristian", that is very sad. For this team, and our coach are a living testimony." Yes. Exactly. That's exactly what I've come to expect from people like her. Good to see she's got an early start in self-righteous indignation - it will serve her well at Baylor.

Then there's the reaction. As per the poll on this news story - people dont feel the coach should be treated this way. Good to see Dallas is still full of people who feel grinding your opponents into the ground is good fun - almost makes me look forward to the way the rest of the world should treat Jesusland post economic collapse.

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